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Company Overview

COMPANY OVERVIEW For more than 35 years, Anthony A. Fabiano, President, FABCO, Inc. has been helping people and businesses realize their important environmental goals. Our clients trust our expertise and they appreciate the many advantages we offer as an established full service remediation firm. We’ve built a reputation of integrity and professionalism by providing personal face-to-face assistance. Our personnel are among the best trained in the industry. You can depend on us to listen, understand, and deliver what you value most in environmental services, the truth. FABCO has the ability and the passion to get the job done with integrity, because without integrity nothing else matters.

and with integrity nothing else matters We provide environmental professional and contractor services for NJDEP Site Remediation Regulations. FABCO provides Environmental services for Commercial and Residential Property's, Underground Tank Removal, Soil and Groundwater Investigation to comply with NJDEP Site Remediation Regulations in order to sell Property or get property into complaisance to qualify for Mortgage Loans.

Mission Statement

FABCO, Inc. pledges to provide our clients with the most modern and expert environmental services possible, and to ensure their decision to utilize FABCO, Inc. was a decision never to be regretted. The basic objective of our business is simple, but enduring: to provide our clients with nothing other than honorable and professional services with results.


New Jersey’s Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA), enacted in 2009, requires any person responsible for conducting a remediation of a discharge identified (or which should have been identified) prior to May 7, 1999 contamination to complete an entire site remedial investigation (RI) within five years of the enactment of SRRA or be placed under the direct oversight of the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection (NJDEP). The five-year anniversary of the SRRA expired in May of 2014, and numerous older sites with incomplete RIs could have been subjected at that time to NJDEP direct oversight but for legislation that was passed in 2013 authorizing a two-year extension of the deadline for sites that applied for the extension by March of 2014 and met certain specified requirements. For New Jersey sites that previously applied for and received the extension, the RI deadline is now approaching again and will expire on May 7, 2016. This is a statutory deadline. Barring any additional legislative extension, failure to meet the deadline will result in NJDEP, rather than the Licensed Site Remediation Professional, overseeing all site remediation activities and selecting the remedial action.


Strength, it’s more than just a word. It’s a necessity in today’s world of environmental complexity. You need a determined guide who understands all that you hope to accomplish and who will help you secure each goal – someone who will listen to your needs and help you stay on course, now and in the future. You also need environmental tools that provide dependable solutions.

All of which leads to one place: FABCO, Inc. We put the insight of skilled professionals, the reliability of sound environmental products and the strength of 35 years of experience to work for you. With FABCO, Inc., you have the strength to put a strong environmental strategy in place – and the strength to stay the course, to environmental compliance.



Today, many environmental companies rely solely on technology for service. Here at FABCO, Inc. personal assistance and technology go hand in hand. Our professionals see life from your perspective, recognize your goals, and offer solutions that put you on a secure course. We use technology to your best advantage, giving our professionals access to information so your questions are answered quickly, accurately – and personally. After all it is all about you and your family.


As a business or individual, life presents many environmental challenges, from simple property transfers to heating oil tank spills to complex soil and groundwater remediations. We have a complete array of professional environmental and contractor services that provide sound solutions.

We’re equally well equipped to assist business owners with services that offer security and satisfaction. We have an extensive number of working solutions covering: environmental site assessments, underground storage tank closures, soil & groundwater investigations, soil & groundwater remediations and emergency response activities.